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On SATURDAY, June 27, 2009, from 10pm—4am, South Brooklyn’s most insane disco bloodbath, aka CHERYL: the dance party that will ruin your life, presents GOTH SPACESHIP at The Bell House in Gowanus.

Join us at Brooklyn’s best post-space, post-sexual, post-post future dance supernova celebrating a space mission—manned by four goth catstronauts—to destroy the sun, resulting in darkness for all eternity. With LOTS of EYELINER. Think black holes, white foundation, really inconvenient 25-inch platform moonboots, sunperms, octagons, astralspanx, and enough buckles and zippers to rip a hole in the space-time continuum. Don’t forget to braid your goatee and start applying SPF 7000 sunblock immediately.

We will be sulking, drinking, and giving goth makeovers in the front lounge from 10-12pm, and then moving to the back room to commit mass dance floor suicide from midnight to 4am.

watch the video NOW:

****$1 cover with “yes” facebook RSVP by 4pm June 26****
$5 without RSVP by 4pm June 26
$3 Stoli drink special