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Cast the die. With wortcunning lucubration, gather your frostbolt and fake beard and approach the Gowanus Horizon. In seven subway stops, take on Rhonda’s Graymantle to withstand Terry’s Spiral-perm and Sun Bear’s Snowball Swarm. Once you’ve reached CHERYL’s lair of whirling prom-bunz, invoke Cat-Lord/Blood-Lord. Together you shall create the Jacuzzi of Glytterchaos. Down three shots of Bailey’s to locate the Bounty of Dana on your Ethereal Jaunt. Don’t forget to bring your choicest amethyst nuggets and pointed wizard head garb, or you will have your movement skills reduced by -5 and be subject to Rat Vision.

Saturday December 11, 2010 11pm- 4am at The Bell House, Brooklyn

$10 cover all night / DJ DSO, DJ Nick and DJ Social Justice spin music that will make you wish you were gay.

CHERYL: the dance party that will ruin your life.