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We have the keys to your ear holes and brain thoughts. Join us as we ascend to FRESHMAGICK™ level. Say yes to the future. Destroy your inner monologue. Clasp hands with your earthly brethren and gravitate toward the Bell House Religious Center. On January 16, 2010, we move toward the predestined nextplace, spurred by dancethrash and boozechug.

CHERYL: the dance party that will ruin your life, presents THE CULT OF CHERYL. Think asexual haircuts, capes, bejeweled me

dallions, purple Nikes, calico prairie dresses, lifepants, middle hair parts, video surveillance equipment, and body cozies. Bring your wives (all of them) and join us at our compound for a night of mass dance floor suicide. DJ Lloydski, DJ Owlpuffs, DJ DSO and DJ David Koresh spin an eclectic mix of disco, electro, and danceable pop.

SEX RAFFLE!!! Our dance floor CULT matchmakers will try and pair you with someone equally hot and of the same persuasion! You are eligible to participate if you RSVP on facebook with “attending” by 5pm on 1/15/10 (the day before the party)

$5 cover

watch the video NOW: