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How funky is your chicken
How funky is your chicken
How loose is your goose
My goose is totally fucking loose

Calling all Jive Turkeys and Spring Chickens…imagine a place where Jock Jamz meet Birds meets Cheer Squad in a frenzy of feathers, eggs and blood. Emerge from your nest and be re-hatched on the basketball court.

Think: odd birds, fit birds, flipping the bird, eggs over easy, LARRY BIRD, the Byrds, Kristie Swanson, Bring It On, Bring It On II: All or Nothing, Bring It On: In It to Win It, Varsity Cockatiels, blond moustaches, the name Ashley, free-range dance offs, chicken-broth-flavored Gatorade, cock straps, super-high ponytails, perma-smiles, and slam ducks.

Translation: this is a party celebrating BASKETBALL, BIRDS AND POMPOMS.

DJs Nick (CHERYL resident DJ) and DSO (Hullabaloo) and Princess Michael of Cunt (Dirtbox – London) spin a mix of high-energy disco, electro and jock jams that will make you want to rip your own face off, mold the flesh into a ball, and slam dunk it into your cocktail.