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CHERYL: SUPERSTITION at Santos Party House

You better knock on wood cause there’s an owl looking in your window. Throw salt over your shoulder and cross yourself – some bad shit is about to happen…


Put on an evil eye, smash a mirror into a thousand tiny fragments, open your umbrella indoors and walk under a ladder while holding a black cat and stepping on a crack while decorating your unborn baby’s nursery.

THINK: bad pennies, chain letters, full moons, cat sneezes, green potato chips, Freddie vs. Jason, malocchio, triskaidekaphobia, SATAN, white moths, dead rockabillies, spine chills, flickering candles, sparrows, a murder of crows, murdered albatrosses, murdered cockatiels, itchy palms, itchy noses, hemorrhoids, Judas Iscariot, Newark NJ and of course BLACK CATS.

Friday May 13, 2011
Santos Party House (downstairs)
$10 cover