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Take it back… WAY back.

Watch the VIDEO for ULTIMATE RETRO here! (created from footage/shoots in England and Portugal)

Watch the VIDEO PROMO for the European leg of our Ultimate Retro tour HERE!

Jan 21, 2012 – LONDON – CAMP Basement – facebook

Jan 27, 2012 – PORTO – Plano B – facebook

Jan 28, 2012 – LISBON – Musicbox – facebook

Feb 11, 2012 – BROOKLYN – The Bell House – facebook

Feb 19, 2012 – SAN FRANCISCO – Public Works – facebook

Feb 23, 2012 – LOS ANGELES – Los Globos – facebook

Hello, hipsters. What happens when pastiche and irony exhaust themselves as aesthetics? CHERYL: ULTIMATE RETRO.

Let’s take it back…waaaaaaay back. Not the 90s, or the 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, like, seriously not even the 1800s. When industrial-era Victorian won’t cut it, and Greco-Roman chic is oh so tired. When we’ve laid our giant turkey legs to rest in the dust of the last ironic Renaissance fair…where will we go? In 2012, at the dawn of the collapse of American Apparel, hipsters are taking back fur, stone, fire, and prosthetic Cro-magnon foreheads like it is 80,000 years ago. Let’s go clubbing. With actual wooden clubs. At this super-underground venue we know about. It’s so underground, it’s a cave.

A 2012 magazine article in “Hipsters Ruin Everything” described the latest “ultimate retro” hipster trend as thus: “Take your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother’s saber toothed cat shawl and Ötzi the Iceman’s copper axe, add irony, set them astride a fixed-gear stone wheel bike in the face of continental drift and bam — you’re really interesting and popular and attractive and you live in Brooklyn.”


We will be shooting the official ULTIMATE RETRO party video during the first two hours of each of our London, Porto and Lisbon tour dates. Participants in the videos will get into the party for cheap.

Then we come back to the US, edit the footage, and premiere the video at our Brooklyn ULTIMATE RETRO event, followed by tour dates in San Francisco and Los Angeles.