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CHERYL has been chosen for a live-in artist residency at Islington Mill, in Salford, England (in Greater Manchester). The residency will span from early May to early June, 2012. Additionally, mid-way through the residency, CHERYL will travel to Glasgow and London to throw two parties.

Whether it takes the form of thematic costuming, compulsive eating, or dance-floor group choreography, RITUAL is an ongoing motif of CHERYL’s work. During the residency at Islington Mill, CHERYL will be using the Royal Family’s age-old traditions as inspiration for exploring new possibilities of ritual and ceremony. The first floor gallery will be transformed into an immersive environment throughout the residency; visitors will be engaged through participatory performances, video shoots and other interactive events.

CHERYL will hold special events open to the public on three Wednesdays: 9 May, 16 May, and 30 May at Islington Mill. These events will explore the themes of transformation, ritual, and general insanity. CHERYL will hold their culminating event in conjunction with the Royal Highness’ Diamond Jubilee on Sunday 3 June, wherein they will take over the entire mill and create an explosion of glitter nonsense the likes of which will be previously unseen or imagined.

In addition to the events in Manchester, CHERYL has two parties planned in Glasgow and London:

Friday May 25, 2012 in Glasgow at SWG3 (facebook event page)

Saturday May 26, 2012 (CHERYL: SECRET DAZZLER) in London at The Shacklewell Arms (facebook event page)