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It’s the 90s. It’s Halloween. You’re into space exploration. And you’re BI.

Dave Navarro, Margaret Cho DiFranco and Garofalo

Jason Priestley, Luke Perry Take an E at the foam party

R Kelly, Mister Clean Both such bossy bottom queens

Kimmy Gibbler, Rachel’s hair Dana Sculley, dance on air

They had condoms, they had boobs Dennis Rodman’s frosted pubes

Cyber me this afternoon Baby tees, we love you.

Blossom’s watching Home Alone Fax me if you wanna bone

Tell your family, tell your friends We’re here, we’re queer, it all depends…


Friday October 31, 2014
11pm to 4am
at Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose St, Brooklyn, NY

Facebook event page HERE

Tickets will not be available at the venue the night of the event, as this party is completely sold out.