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easterCHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR INSPIRATION. Welcome to our pastel paradise. Plastic Easter grass envelops your innermost thoughts. Eggstravagance…decadence…opulence, with a Cadbury Creme Egg™ center – all this awaits you at CHERYL’s Easter Vigil Countdown.

Don your finest flammable, floor-length Easter gown. Fasten your bonnet atop your crown. Buy some junk, step in gunk, then stumble drunk to THE EASTER SKUNK.

A misty graveyard…licorice jelly bean eggs…life-size PEEPS WITH HUMAN HANDS.

CHERYL invites you to join us for a RESURRECTION-WORTHY DANCE PARTY, no-joke Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Skunk Portrait Studio, Reanimation Station, and NYC’s one and only Easter Vigil Count Down. Complimentary Blood of The Lamb Toast at Midnight plus an All You Can Eat Peep Bar.


Grandma Internet
DJ Nick

March 26, 2016
11pm to 4am
Secret Project Robot
Brooklyn, NY